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Workshops & Lectures

Amy's classes are conducted in a relaxed, informal setting. Please leave your inner critic at the door and come ready to have some fun! All classes are suitable for adults and high school students and some can be modified for middle school students, as well.

If you would like Amy to teach at your guild or shop, please contact her. She is willing to travel. Many classes can be modified to fit various time frames and audiences. Please contact Amy if you are looking for a special class.



Teaching Schedule


Available Workshops

Introduction to Fabric Dyeing

Splash into the world of fabric dyeing. Explore how to safely perform immersion dyeing, dip dyeing, and shibori techniques to create beautiful, vibrant, custom fabrics. A great hands-on class for quilters, fiber artists, creators of custom, wearable art, or anyone with an interest in dyeing cotton or silk. You will leave this class with the skills and knowledge to continuing dyeing and experimenting at home. Course fee includes dyes and chemicals. Students supply fabric and personal supplies. This course is messy! Wear appropriate clothing.
Length: 6 hours


Dyeing For More?!

Continue your development of fabric-dyeing techniques in this follow-up workshop. Students will learn overdyeing, painting and stamping. Course fee includes dyes and chemicals, students supply fabric and personal supplies. Register early. People are dyeing to get in this class!
Length: 6 hours

Surface Design Exploration in Fabric

Learn fabric dyeing, painting on fabric, create your own stamps and more. This fun, energetic class will emphasize personal exploration and experimentation. A great hands-on class for quilters, fiber artists, creators of custom, wearable art, or anyone with an interest in designing on cotton or silk. You will leave this three-week class with the skills and knowledge to continue surface design techniques and experimenting at home.

Creative Play

We could all use a creative boost from time to time.  In this fun, supportive workshop we will leave our troubles (and our inner critic) at the door and dive into a variety of activities designed to give you a new look on life.  We’ll play with different materials and techniques including writing, music, visual arts, and more.  You’ll leave with many ideas for how to keep that creative flame alive.
Length: 3-6 hours


A Proclivity For Creativity - 13 weeks

Are you feeling stuck creatively? Do you think you are creative, but still have lots of doubts? The truth is we are all creative, we are all artists, bue we are often hesitant to let that artist out. In this 13-week workshop of self-exploration, we will use the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron as a guide to rejuvenate your creativity letting your inner artist shine.


Quilts to go: Contemporary quilting in a very tiny way       

Learn the fabulous art of fusing in this contemporary style of quilt construction and make a super tiny wall quilt.  This fast, creative approach to quilt making allows for more variation and keeps the attention span engaged.  You'll even learn to make a fused binding to finish your quilt edges off super fast!
Length: 6 hours


Postcard Play

Everyone loves getting postcards, especially when it is art! In this half-day workshop students will learn the fast, fun technique of fusing, including making a fused binding. The small size of the quilt allows fearless experimentation. Course fee includes a first class stamp to mail your artwork to a friend!
Length: 3 hours


The Essence of Design

Making art isn’t all about following your intuition.  Great artists continually incorporate the principles and elements of design in their work enabling them to better communicate with the viewer.  In this fast-paced, hands-on class we’ll explore the fundamentals of design and complete various projects to learn these important aspects of art making.  Suitable for any artists using any medium.
Length: 6 hours

Intact Abstract: abstracting common objects to create uncommon quilts

Drawing inspiration from everyday objects, students will be guided through the process of creating an original art quilt. This two-day workshop includes a series of exercises designed to move you away from patterns and toward abstract design. You will begin creating a small art quilt using fusing techniques. It all begins with a simple object from your home (i.e. flower, spatula, fruit, spool of thread, etc.)
Length: 12 hours
See an example


Paddle, Point, and Shoot

There is more to taking a good photo than just pointing and shooting. This class will take the mystery out of capturing beautiful photos. Taking photographs from a kayak or canoe offers an excellent vantage point to capture the outdoors from a unique perspective. We’ll spend the day paddling iand learning about photo composition, selective focus, macro photography, and the basics of taking great photos. You’ll also learn tips on how to safely use your camera in a wet environment. We'll leave from Rutabaga and explore several areas with photo opportunities. Bring your own digital camera and the camera instruction manual. No photography experience required. Canoeists and kayakers welcome.


Marshmallows, Mousetraps, and Monsters: A Day of Rejuvenating Your Creativity

This workshop is designed to help deepen participants’ understanding of the creative process and creativity in general, with a specific focus on strengthening one’s creativity. The morning’s emphasis will explore strategies for enhancing our creativity, encouraging creativity in others and learn what decreases or blocks our creativity. The afternoon will emphasize creative design and how to foster innovative thinking. The entire workshop will be experiential and highly interactive with individual and small group activities, short videos, discussion and hands on activities. The workshop is appropriate for artists in any medium. 


Available Lectures

Creativity – it’s just a skill!

Yes, you can be more creative! Creativity is a skill you already have. Now you just need to develop it. In this one-hour lecture, Amy shares how she has developed her creativity and explains how you can do it too. She will explain the tools she uses, many of them derived from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Learn how to use these tools to enhance your own creativity.


Teaching/Lecture Schedule


Please contact Amy if you would like her to teach in your area. She is willing to travel.

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