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Wendy Butler Bern website image

Wendy Butler Berns website

Balloon Twister website photo

Balloon Twister website

Julie Koenke's website

Julie Koenke website

Rutabaga website image

Rutabaga website
(not yet live)

Climer Consulting website header



Climer Consulting website

MCFA website

Madison Contemporary
Fiber Artist retired website


Business card for carpenter

Business card for carpenter

Business Card for Ron Climer

Business card for realtor

Business card for artist Julie Koenke

Business card for artist

Barb Cheron & John Jacobs music CD

Music CD

Quilting Circles ~ Learning Communities book cover

Quilting Circles ~ Learning Communities book design & layout

Ripples podcast cover

Ripples podcast cover

Amy Climer Photography CD cover

Photography CD

Digital drawing of scissors

Digital drawing of scissors




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